Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not Quite Deja Vu

A quick and dirty one-shot for all my girls at the Pub.

. . . . .

Why does this all seem so familiar?

I was sitting in Eric's Corvette wearing my skimpiest short-shorts, a lacy red bra and a barely-there white shirt. The vampire driving down the gravel road, frowning at every pothole, wore only a pair of low cut, super tight jeans that showed off his best assets, both in front and back. We turned off the gravel road onto a set of ruts that could barely be called a driveway. Bumping downhill, we stopped in front of a large cabin.

What the heck? I've never been here, but it feels like I know what's going on...

Eric, always the gentleman -or at least when he wanted to be- opened my door for me and helped me out of the car. Placing his hand on the small of my back, we walked to the door and knocked. When I saw who answered, my heart nearly stopped. Quinn... and he was naked... and very happy to see me. Eric greeted him as if it was perfectly normal to be speaking to his wife's nude 6'9" ex-boyfriend. I pushed past the two behemoths and ran right into another one. Alcide, who was also naked and happy to see me.

Oooo-kay... I think I'm going to have a fuckin' panic attack.

Looking around the room I saw Sam, Bill, Pam and Amelia. My eyes widened when I realized that Eric and I were the only ones clothed. A large pair of hands spun me around and I corrected myself - I was the only one with clothes on. Eric pressed himself against me and any reservations I had about this situation were swept away. Another large pair of hands wrapped around my waist and unbuttoned my shorts, shimmying them down my hips. My shirt and bra quickly joined the pile of clothing in the corner.

Eric snaked his hand down between my legs and flicked my clit a few times. My legs automatically opened and a different set of fingers pushed into me. They were warm and just as large as my viking's... Quinn. My eyes fluttered and I caught sight of Pam, who was concentrating on swallowing Alcide. Next to her, Amelia was sandwiched between Bill and Sam. My little cluster walked over to an empty spot on the couch where Eric made himself comfortable.

I positioned myself on him 'reverse cowgirl' style and took Quinn's almost-as-big-as-a-viking erection into my mouth. I sucked in time with Eric's thrusts and moaned around my mouthful. I heard a loud groan from someone else and a minute later, that someone was underneath me, suckling my nipples and rubbing my clit. I felt fangs, but had no idea if it was Bill or Pam.

My orgasm exploded before I knew it was coming and Eric stiffened inside me as my body rippled with pleasure. Quinn came like a cannon, his hot seed shooting straight down my throat. I managed to swallow most of it and was grateful that being with Eric had cured any gag reflex I might have. Several hands lifted me off of one cock and placed me onto another. This one was as warm as the one I just had in my mouth.

I peeked over my shoulder and saw it was Sam fucking me like there was no tomorrow. Eric was going to town on Amelia's mouth while Alcide took her from behind. Pam and Bill were going at it like wild animals, scratched and bleeding and growling at each other.

We all fucked and sucked and rode and teased and pleased each other for hours. Somehow I ended up in the middle of a gigantic ball of flesh. We all writhed together, not knowing who we were touching, whose parts were whose, what holes were being plundered. I lost count of how many times I came, how many climaxes I helped with. Finally, my body couldn't take it anymore and I collapsed to the floor, a boneless pile of post-orgasmic bliss. Amelia fell to one side of me, the shifters and the Were landed on the other side. The vampires merely seemed amused at our exhaustion.

"Sookie," Eric began, "I need to feed." Laying back, I motioned for him to come to me. He was followed closely by Bill and Pam, but I didn't really think about it. Kneeling to one side of me, my viking bent his head and sank his fangs into my breast. Bill lightly kissed me on the lips before biting into my neck. I felt a tongue swipe across my clit, then another set of fangs drove into my femoral artery.

The vampires drank, and drank... and drank from me. At first it was nothing but pleasure, another climax in this surreal orgy. Darkness began to wash over me and I weakly protested, but they continued to take my blood. My body refused to work for me. My mind was slowing and I could barely... keep my eyes... open... must stay... awake...

. . . . .

"Sookie? Sookie, wake up!"

A large hand shook my shoulders as I struggled to open my eyes. I was in a large bed with obscenely soft crimson sheets. Raising my arms above my head I stretched out, joints popping the whole time. I spoke to Eric through my haze.

"No more multiple vamp feedings, okay, hon?" I could practically feel his eyebrows raise at that.

"Um, what?"

"You and Bill and Pam all fed on me at the same time and you almost killed me. You know after... um... everything else that happened?" My cheeks flushed as I said this. I couldn't believe I had actually done any of the things that I did last night.

"Sookie, love, I have no idea what you're talking about. I woke up less than an hour ago and you were asleep. You started thrashing around a moment ago, so I got you up."

"So we didn't... it was a dream." I melted into the bed with relief.

"Yes. Now would you kindly inform me why you were begging Alcide and Quinn and Bill to fuck you?"

Oh, shit.


  1. That was great, I wouldn't want to explain to Eric any of that. Very smutty, but in an incredibly delicious way.

  2. lol i can just imagine that converstation
    i really think u should write it PLEASE hehehe