Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, Officer

Another gratuitous smut story, just for you my lovelies. And as always with smutty one-shots, it falls under the PWP category (Plot? What Plot?) Hehe, enjoy. :)

. . . . .

The annual Halloween bash at Fangtasia was a huge success. The bar was packed and everyone was having a good time. Predictably, just about all the fangbangers had dressed like... drum roll please... vampires! Even the vampires had dressed up, and some of the costumes were hilarious.

Thalia was a Greek goddess, wearing a one-shouldered toga with gold accents; she was absolutely stunning. Indira was dressed as a harlequin with a black and white jumpsuit and black diamonds painted on her eyes. Clancy was the devil and certainly filled the part well, seeing as he was kind of tempermental this evening; more than one fangbanger offered to sell him their soul.

The biggest surprises of the evening were Pam and Bill. I hadn't even realized Bill was at the party until he came up to greet me. I nearly choked on my drink as I saw him. Standing in front of me with a fangy smile and True Blood in hand was Luke Skywalker, lightsaber and all. Pam was channeling 80's Madonna for the evening. She had teased hair, a trampy wedding dress and lace gloves, complete with the 'VIRGIN' belt buckle.

Eric and I wore a couple's costume, and he was thrilled with my choice. Since Halloween is basically an excuse for women to dress like total whores and get away with it, I picked out something I knew my viking would adore. He was dressed as a cop, and I was his prisoner. His dark blue shirt and pants fit him impeccably, making fangbangers want to go turn themselves in. Complete with a nightstick, several pairs of cuffs and a badge, Eric was enjoying the hell out of himself.

My outfit was nearly non-existant it was so small. A bright orange minidress proclaimed that I was 'Prisoner ID 69-69-69-69, Property of the Penile System' and barely covered me. The front was unzipped far enough to show off my black lacy bra, and I had to wear black hotpants underneath so I didn't flash the entire bar whenever I moved. Pam let me borrow a pair of black thigh-high stiletto boots and Eric insisted on cuffing one of my wrists.

Around 3 am the party started winding down, so Eric and I took our leave. I felt his lust raging through the bond as I squirmed into the Corvette, trying not to expose more of me than was already visible. He had a devious glint in his eyes as he slid in the driver's seat, but he had mastered blocking me so I had no idea what he was thinking. Oh, I knew it centered around us naked and screwing like rabbits in heat, but something told me he had a plan for the rest of the night. Since whatever he was thinking would bring me pleasure also, I decided to play along. I batted my eyes and put on my poutiest look as I rubbed his thigh.

"Officer, I can't go to jail. Is there any other way I can pay for my crimes?"

His eyes sparkled as his fangs ran out. "I believe that we can come to a compromise, Mrs. Northman." I felt the car speed up.

"Thank you, Officer. I would do anything to keep this off my record." I brushed his length through the thin material of his pants and the car sped up a little more. Within ten minutes we were parked in the garage.

He had my door open before I could even reach for the handle. I took his offered hand and stood in front of him. "How soon will I start my sentence, Officer?"

I was spun around and pressed into the side of the car in a split second. "Before I can hand you your sentence, I need to search you. Hands on the roof and spread your legs."

"Yes, Officer." I arched my butt towards him and placed my hands flat on to top of the car. Slowly, he ran his hands up my arms and down my sides. Down the left leg, back up the right. Inching my dress higher, I felt a sudden breeze as he ripped my hotpants along the seams.

"Well, Mrs. Northman, it seems that I need to search you more thoroughly. I'm taking you into custody. Hands behind your back, please." I clasped my hands and he cuffed me. Turning me towards the house, he tried to escort me inside. Unfortunately, I had been drinking and wasn't too steady on my heels. Sighing, Eric picked me up and threw me over his shoulder into a fireman's carry. "I see you are resisting. We cannot have any of that."

He zoomed upstairs and back down into the bedroom before I could protest. He stood me up next to the newly-installed stripper pole and uncuffed me. Turning me around yet again, he recuffed me so my arms were around the pole. He pushed me into position, bending my waist and spreading my legs. I heard his belt jingle and felt something cool and hard on my thigh a second later.

"You have been a very bad girl, Mrs. Northman. What can we do to remedy that?" The nightstick ran up my leg and stopped right next to my center. I wiggled a little and a hand lightly smacked my ass. "Ah ah ah. No moving."

The nightstick settled on top of my clit and slowly rubbed in circles. Surprisingly, it actually felt good. Different, but still good. When Eric deemed me wet enough, he pushed the stick inside me, thrusting it gently. It wasn't unlike using a toy, except that I wasn't the one controlling the action. I was brought to the edge over and over again, but never allowed to come. When he finally pulled the nightstick away from me, I was shaking with need. I could feel through the bond that Eric was barely controlling himself.

"Eric, please..."

"Please, Officer..."

"Please, Officer. Fuck me." He was inside me instantly. Two thrusts and I came so hard my knees buckled. Gripping my waist, Eric held me up until my legs started working again. I held onto the pole for dear life as he began moving inside me again. Reaching around me, he unzipped my dress and tore the arms to get it off me, never losing his rhythm or slowing down. My bra soon followed.

Working my clit in time with his pounding, it was no time before I was on the verge of another mind-melting orgasm. He leaned over my back and brushed my hair aside before sinking his fangs into my neck. My whole body seized up as pleasure washed over me, and from the groans in my ear, Eric was getting off just as hard as I was.

After he licked my wounds and pulled out, I was released from the handcuffs. I rubbed the indents and marks on my wrists and pouted at him.

"Next time, I'm locking your ass up."


  1. When I read the title, I knew where this was going. There was a little plot. As little as possible :-) Nice work. Love the prisoner ID# LOL!

  2. OKKKKKKKKKK that was HOT!! I read it with Jon and he said to tell you his breathing is now very irregular LOL. I think you made his night!!!
    I always love your have some kind of imagination (I have taken notes)
    love ya GF...SNUT MUTTS RULE

  3. HOT.HOT.HOT. lol! I could definitely see Eric enjoying the power of that costume a little too much.

    Somehow Bill's costume seems so perfect for him LOL.

  4. Holy Moley!!!! Smokin' sex!!! The whole policeman and prisoner theme is priceless!!! Totally loved the night stick action!!! LOL!!! I can see Eric using the handcuffs and nightstick!!!Great smut girl!!! hugs! Joie

  5. Again, another hot one, you've made this smutt pup very happy indeed :)

  6. what would we do without you nox?

  7. HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!

    this is awsome.
    so SEXY!!

    write more please :)

  8. holy shit that was hot. you are the best!