Friday, December 26, 2008

Dead Hearts Ch 3

The restaurant was fancy. Very fancy. Definitely someplace I would never have come if Eric hadn't brought me. The hostess was tall, slim, and wearing a simple black dress. She smiled brightly as Eric gave his name. "Mr. Northman, party of two. Right this way, please." She picked up two different menus and set off across the room. Eric gently guided me through the tables as I took in the atmosphere. The restaurant had two floors, and our table was upstairs. When we reached it, Eric held my chair out for me, like a true gentleman. The hostess handed us our menus, recited the evening's specials - Eggplant Parmigiana and Provençal Salmon - and said our waiter would be with us shortly. She wished us a good evening as she went back downstairs.

"Oh my goodness, Eric, this place is amazing." I said, awestruck. We had an unobstructed view of the floor below us, and it was beautiful. The tables and chairs were made of a dark wood. The tablecloths and padding were off-white, and there was a unique centerpiece of exotic flowers at each table. Ours was full of red, white, and purple blooms. The main focus of the restaurant was not the beautiful settings, however; it was the amazing crystal chandelier in the center of the room. It looked like something from 'The Phantom of the Opera'. And beneath the chandelier was an intricately designed parquet dance floor. There was a stage along one side for live performers, but tonight it was empty. Piano music was being quietly pumped through hidden speakers, and there were several couples swirling around the floor. "I can't believe that I didn't know this place was here. This can't be a place just for supes."

"Oh no, Sookie. This place caters to everyone, human and supernatural alike. The reason I'm sure you were unaware of its existence is that no famous chefs work in the kitchen, no celebrities dine at the tables, and advertising is nonexistent. People who come here recommend it, and word-of-mouth does the rest. And no offense meant to Bon Temps, but it isn't exactly filled with people who would be inclined to come here." I quirked an eyebrow at that, but he was right. Working at the hometown bar introduced me to just about everyone in town, and I couldn't think of anybody offhand, except maybe the Bellefleurs, who would be able to fit in here. Heck, the only reason I kinda did is because I had worked for a Queen before. That, and Eric bought me nice things.

Before I could respond, our waiter walked up to us. He introduced himself as Stephen, and we ordered. I got the Provençal Salmon and a glass of Pinot Noir, while Eric asked for a glass of Royalty Blended. Stephen nodded and commended us on our choices before leaving. "Royalty Blended? You're certainly going all out tonight, aren't you?" I questioned him.

"Of course, my dear. What else should I do on our first date?" My jaw dropped and he was immediately beside me, offering me his hand. "Care to dance, lover?" I eyed him suspiciously before placing my hand in his. He led me downstairs and onto the dance floor. Eric placed his hands on my waist and mine automatically went to his shoulders. When he looked down at me and smiled, I couldn't help but smile back. I felt happiness and desire swell across the bond, and I knew that not all of the emotion was coming from Eric.

We turned around the floor and gazed into each other's eyes until I lost track of everything except Eric and Sookie. I stretched up to give him a kiss, and the world stopped spinning for a moment. His lips moved under mine and there was nothing else except our bodies pressed together. I felt the world drop away from beneath me, and I felt like I was walking on air. That is, until I broke the kiss and tried to take a step. Eric had lifted us about six inches off the floor and we were slowly rotating as if still dancing. He saw my surprise and gently landed, plastering a big grin on his face. His fangs were showing a bit. "Let's go sit, lover. You look out-of-breath."

Never letting go of my hand, Eric led the way to our table, where our drinks were sitting. He held the chair out for me again and kissed my neck after I was seated. He sat and sipped at his drink. He closed his eyes in pleasure, and I felt pure lust ripple across our bond. It was slightly disturbing, to say the least, to be aroused by watching your date drink human blood. However, I was happy that he was enjoying himself and I allowed myself to feel his pleasure a little bit, as well. Eric opened his eyes and gazed at me with undisclosed lust written on his face. I tried to smolder back at him, and aparently succeeded because I could see his pupils dilate just a bit, and I watched his fangs fully extend.

Just then, Stephen returned with my food. It looked and smelled delicious, and I could hardly wait to dig in. "Bon appétit," he said with a flourish before he left.

I dug into my salmon, and let me tell you, it was phenomenal. I let out a groan of pleasure, and I heard it echoed from across the table. I looked at Eric and saw he was smiling again. "I will have to purchase dead fish for you from now on, if it will get that reaction out of you, lover." I blushed and took another bite as he sipped his dinner. I never knew that eating could be such an erotic experience, but with Eric enjoying his blood, my sent-from-heaven salmon, and the bond feeding us each other's pleasure, I was so keyed up that by the end of dinner, I was ready to make him dessert.

"Are you finished, dear one?" His voice was dripping with sex, and it felt like he was caressing me from the inside out.

"With dinner, yes." Let him think about that, I thought. His eyes blazed and he motioned for the check to be brought over. When Stephen brought the small folder over, Eric glanced at the paper, pulled a few bills from his wallet and handed it back to the waiter.

"No change." Eric never took his eyes off me once during the entire exchange. Stephen thanked us and wished us a good evening, then departed. Eric stood behind me and pulled my chair out for me. I could get used to this type of treatment, I thought, before mentally chiding myself. You are a modern woman, Sookie Stackhouse, you are not about to be spoiled rotten by a man, let alone a My thoughts drifted and I shook my head to clear it. Eric looked at me and raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment as we walked outside.

"Thank you for a lovely dinner, Eric. It was wonderful." I pulled my wrap around me tighter. It had gotten much colder while we were inside.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Dinner was good, but dessert will be even better." He flicked out his tongue and quickly licked my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine. A valet pulled up in the Corvette just then, and Eric opened my door for me. I folded myself inside, and he followed suit after closing my door.

"Where are we going now?" I asked, half of me hoping that he was going to take me home, and the other half wanting to go to his home.

"Fangtasia. It is Friday night, and I need to make a token appearance. I hope you don't mind, lover. We will talk about us afterwards, I promise." Eric reached over and took my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I want nothing to dissuade us from our talk this evening. It is imperative we work this out. Things simply cannot remain as they are, my dear Sookie."

I agreed and we drove on in silence, listening to the music coming through the speakers. I didn't know the name of the band, or even the name of the song, but I liked it just the same. Every now and then, Eric would run his thumb across the back of my hand, and it did things to my libido that I never thought were possible. After all, who would have thought that the back of your hand would have a direct connection to your ...cootie. I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye, and I knew he had felt my longing as surely as I did.

A few minutes later, we were parked behind Fangtasia and walking up to the employee's entrance. He opened the door and motioned me inside. The door to his office was open and it was empty. We walked in and he shut the door behind him. Before I could open my mouth to ask where Pam was, Eric was on me, crushing his lips to mine, his arms wrapped around my waist. A split second later, my shock had worn off and I was kissing him back in earnest. He backed me up against his desk and moved his lips from my mouth to my neck, kissing a line down my collarbone and back, ending at that sensitive spot at the base of my neck. I moaned and arched my back to him. He growled in pleasure, picked me up and settled me on his desk. I opened my knees and he pushed my dress up to my hips so he could rub the bulge in his pants against my most sensitive spot. "Eric, oh god ...Eric..." I sighed into his mouth when his tongue attacked mine again.

I felt one of his hands release the bow on the back of my dress, and the halter top fell down, exposing my breasts. He leaned back and took in the sight for a moment. My chest was heaving, I'm sure I had a hickey on my neck, and my nipples were so hard they almost hurt. He smiled wickedly and slowly rubbed his free hand over one breast, then the other. I shuddered and groaned, "Eric, please, Eric, oh, oh oh...uuunnhh..." My begging turned into mindless noises as Eric bent his head and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked. I felt his fingers rolling my other nipple around and gently pulling on it. I arched my back again and rubbed my crotch against the strained fabric of his pants. He moaned into my breast and I felt his fangs graze my skin. He switched sides to pay the other breast attention while his fingers wandered south. He touched the outside of my thong and I cried out. I heard him give a throaty laugh and he looked up at me and smiled. "Watch me, lover," he commanded as he sunk to his knees.

I couldn't help but watch as this beautiful man kneeled before me and spread my legs. He glanced up to make sure I was watching him, and without bothering to remove my panties he gave me one long, slow lick from the bottom all the way up to my nub, where he swirled around it. I moaned and bucked against him. He hooked one finger around the fabric and literally ripped my underwear off me. His mouth was back on me immediately, licking, sucking, probing. I felt one finger enter me, and another...I closed my eyes and threw my head back.

"Lover...look at me," Eric commanded. I did, and saw he was gazing back at me, his vibrant blue eyes on fire. He resumed his attentions on my most sensitive area, slowly, then faster and faster, until I could feel my abdomen tightening. He glanced up at me to make sure I was still looking.

He moved his face to my thigh and bit down. My world exploded and I saw stars as I felt him drawing on my wound. When I was able to breathe again, Eric was standing in front of me, pants undone, his 'gracious plenty' pressing on my stomach. "Are you ready for me, lover?" Pure sex, I thought. This man is pure sex incarnate. I nodded and he moved so he was positioned at my entrance. He leaned forward and kissed me. As our tongues touched, he pushed into me and I felt that I was going to be split in half. Oh so gently, almost reverently, he pulled almost the whole way out and pushed back in. He pumped softly at first, then harder and harder until he nuzzled into my neck and bit again. I felt him spasm inside of me, which set off my impending orgasm, too.

Eric licked the wounds on my neck and raised his head. I kissed him and gasped when he pulled out of me, instantly missing the feeling of him. He chuckled and kissed me again, very softly and sweetly. "I made quite a mess of you, lover." I looked at myself and sighed. I had just been pillaged by a viking, and looked it, too. One shoe was missing, as was my underwear. My dress was hiked up around my waist and my boobs were hanging out. I'm positive that I have at least one hickey on my neck, not to mention a bite mark. I'm sure my makeup was everywhere except where it was supposed to be, but when I reached up to touch my hair, I found it to be relatively unscathed, thank goodness. My face and dress could be put right in minutes, but my hair took ages to do.

"It was worth it, though." I replied, and hopped off the desk. Not a good idea. My legs were still wobbly, and I would have fallen if not for Eric's reflexes. As it was, I ended up on the couch, sitting on my viking's lap.

"Let me help you with that. Get your hair." I lifted my hair off of my neck and he reached around me to the halter ties. He pulled them over my breasts, letting his fingers trail along my skin the entire way. After he tied the straps into a bow, he kissed the nape of my neck before I let my hair fall. I stood up and straightened my dress, thankful that my legs had decided to work again.

"Where's my other shoe? And do you have a mirror in here?"

He laughed and stood up. "Of all people, Sookie, why would you ask me if I had a mirror?" He walked over to a door in the corner and opened it up. On the inside of the door there was a full-length mirror. I walked over and began putting myself to rights while Eric looked for my shoe. I wasn't as much of a mess as I thought. My lipstick was completely gone, and I did have a hickey, but he bit me in the same spot, so I only had one mark. A little adjustment of the halter strap and it was almost hidden. "A-ha!" I heard Eric exclaim. I turned in time to see him crawl out from behind the couch with my shoe. I had to stifle a giggle at seeing a 1000 year old man so excited over finding a single shoe.

"You should probably get yourself put back together, too, Eric." His tie was loose and sadly lopsided, his jacket was crumpled on the floor by the door. His dress shirt was wrinkled and some of the buttons were missing. His hair looked like a bird's nest. He glanced in the mirror and shrugged. I turned my attention back to my reflection and started to reapply my lipstick. I was immediately distracted by what I saw happening over my shoulder. Eric was turned away from me and disrobing. It's nothing I haven't seen before, but damn if it didn't still take my breath away. He had soon shed everything and I stared into the mirror, fixated by my favorite part of him, that world-class butt. He felt my lust and turned around to find me staring at him. Eric laughed and spun me around to kiss my lips. I started to put my arms around him when he pulled away.

"Ah ah ah, lover. Work now, pleasure later. We have all night." I agreed, and he reached around me to grab some clothes. I put my lipstick on while he was dressing.

Someone knocked on the office door and I jumped. "Enter." Eric was back in boss mode again.
Pam opened the door and slipped into the room. "Eric. Sookie," she said, briefly nodding at each of us. I saw her take in our appearance and sniff the air, noticing how her fangs ran out as she did. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Eric leaned against his desk in the same spot where I was perched less than ten minutes ago. "Of course not, Pam. What can I do for you?"

"Nothing." I thought Eric's eyebrows would disappear into his hairline. Pam grinned at him and turned to me. "You, I need."

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